Peak Capital Talent Mentorship Program

Embark on Your Trading Journey with Our
4-Month Talent Mentorship Program.

Jumpstart Your Trading Career

Consider joining PCT’s Talent Mentorship Program to boost your trading skills. As a student, you’ll get hands-on trading experience in vibrant Vancouver, BC, with experienced mentors guiding you through the world of financial markets, helping you become a more proficient trader.

What’s Included

Trading Floor

Gain exclusive access to the live trading floor and trade alongside traders Andrew, Ardi, and the elite team at Peak Capital Trading for a firsthand experience of financial expertise in action.



Embark on a personalized mentorship journey led by experienced experts. Achieve your unique goals with invaluable insights and unwavering support tailored to your aspirations.


Finding a Strategy

Unlock exclusive entry to the "How to Discover a Trading Strategy" course, your gateway to the Bootcamp program. Acquire the essential skills and expertise needed to excel in the world of trading.



Secure exclusive admission to the PCT Bootcamp program, a comprehensive training experience led by professional instructors. Elevate your trading abilities through intensive technical and psychological training.


Professional Tools

Enjoy privileged access to a wide range of high-quality, professional trading tools, including DAS Trader Pro, Tradervue, and the Trading Terminal.


Market Analysis

Learn the art of conducting both fundamental and technical analyses of the stock market. Make informed decisions based on a solid grasp of market trends and underlying financial data.


Begin Your Journey to Trading Success

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Important - Please Read

Acceptance into our free mentorship program will be determined through a rigorous interview process. We value dedication and passion for trading, and we look forward to considering your application. Interview date TBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be required to be physically present in the Vancouver, BC area to ensure your presence at the trading office on a daily basis.

First, submit your application through our website, including a cover letter and CV. Subsequently, Peak Capital Trading will reach out to specific candidates to arrange interviews. Following the interview process, Peak Capital Trading will notify the selected individuals about their admission to the program.

The program lasts for 4 months. During the initial month, you will undertake a strategy course to equip you for participation in the PCT Bootcamp, which will occupy the last 3 months.

There are two different time options available for you: 6:00 am to 10:00 am PST and 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PST.

No, during your program with Peak Capital Trading, you will be provided with a DAS Trader Pro demo trading account.

Peak Capital Trading

Peak Capital Trading was formed in 2020 as a proprietary trading firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by veteran traders and Wall Street executives, our mission is to work with a diverse pool of Canadian and international traders in order to establish the leading firm for trading US stock market equities.

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