Just a big thank you!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Jul 7, 2022
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Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to finally take the time to write you an e-mail just to say thank you and all of the BBT and PCT moderators

I started into the community at the end of July last year, so coming up on my first year with BBT. I also attended boot camp in April of this year

My trading career started years ago when commissions were $5 dollars in and $5 dollars out of a trade. I always watched the market daily, fascinated, and always felt a pull toward it.

I came to the community very much like other members. Covid hit, I read your books and I got interested in trading again, plus now commissions are low!

Like so many others I lacked trust after seeing how many fake and fraudulent people there are out there promising education. First, I started trading low float trash, attempting to follow this guy or that guy. It really is a wonder that I never blew up my account. Somehow, I stayed break even, even while trading under PDT. I knew I needed education if I didn’t want to end up like 90% of everyone that trades.

I knew I wanted to find solid educational content and looked further into BBT. Best decision of my life! The talent you have recruited and surrounded yourself with is amazing. The BBT and PCT group is outstanding! No surprise to see the awards the community has received this year.

PCT helped me to form a solid trade book foundation. Solidify my risk management and controls. However, I wasn’t able to find my fit for a strategy until after bootcamp. I could feel a pull towards a certain style but couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing yet. But it seemed to line up with Aiman’s content the most. So, after bootcamp I asked Aiman if he did any kind of mentorship. He agreed to help and give me some mentorship. I just want to give him the biggest thank you and shout out! We started working together at the end of April. So the 20th of this month will be 3 months. As of right now, just a little over 2 months I am at 105R. That is with a pretty flat June. I started with my risk low ($10) This is my equity curve since we started together.

I am usually pretty quiet when it comes to the chat, But whenever there is a trial member in the chat asking questions about the value of BBT or if it is worth joining I speak-up and advocate with conviction! Not only because I believe that BBT is the best, but I also would hate to see anyone end up with some of the phonies that exist out there.

To you and the entire #BBTFamily… Thank you!


Also, I forgot I wanted to ask if you ever awarded someone the lifetime membership from posting trading setups on Twitter?

That offer actually got me to finally start on my Twitter, and that submission of my trading setup was actually my very first tweet ever lol! (I’m 44)

Thanks again Andrew


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