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2024/09/03 12:00:00
[ Until Fall Session Begins Sept 3, 2024 ]

Here’s What You’ll Get

Pre-Bootcamp Essentials

You don't have to delay your learning journey until the official commencement of Bootcamp; right after enrolling in Bootcamp, you can seamlessly embark on our Pre-Bootcamp Essentials course, allowing you to start acquiring valuable knowledge immediately.



Crafted under the expert guidance of seasoned professional instructors, this comprehensive and rigorous training program aims to significantly enhance and refine your trading skills, fostering heightened precision and confidence in financial markets


Funded Training Account

Upon completing the training, you'll access a fully funded trading account with an initial balance of $50,000 provided by Peak Capital Trading, allowing you to retain profits while ensuring a maximum loss limit of $3,000, safeguarding your financial exposure to the Bootcamp mentorship investment.


Live Trading Sessions

Engage in real-time trading scenarios during our Live Trading Sessions to gain practical experience and valuable insights under the expert guidance of experienced mentors, ensuring an invaluable and transformative learning experience.


One-on-One Mentorship

Integral to our Bootcamp program, you'll enjoy three personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions, receiving tailored guidance, expert insights, and focused support, elevating your learning journey and enhancing overall skill development.


Personalized Tradebook

Throughout our program, embark on a 13-week, step-by-step journey to create your unique TradeBook, receiving customized feedback along the way, fostering a dynamic and individualized learning experience, ultimately empowering your trading skills and boosting knowledge acquisition.


How The Bootcamp Works

An Intensive 13-Week, Small-Group, Personalized Mentorship Program

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Participate in 22 Live Group Trading Sessions for an immersive learning experience.
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Receive weekly support for TradeBook Building to ensure continuous progress.
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Engage 24 Trade Review Sessions with experienced PCT Traders to refine your trading strategies.
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Gain comprehensive understanding Tape Reading Level 2 with 6 hours specialized training.
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Benefit from 12 TradeBook Building Sessions to enhance your trading skills.
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Receive 12 hours of personalized guidance for developing your own trading plan.
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Focus on enhancing your Trading Edge with 13 dedicated sessions.
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2 Post-Bootcamp TradeBook Reviews to receive feedback and improve your trading performance.

Weekly Bootcamp Schedule


9:00AM ET
Webinar Recording Released
11:00AM ET
Observation Exercise Meeting
7:00PM ET
Live TradeBook Meeting


Live Trading Session
11:00Am ET
Group A Mentorship Meeting

Tuesday Even Weeks

7:00PM ET
Tape Reading & VPA Meeting


11:00AM ET
PCT Mentorship
4:30PM ET
Group B Mentorship Meeting


Live Trading Session
11:00AM ET
Market Analysis
4:30PM ET
Group C Mentorship Meeting


11:00AM ET
Group D Mentorship Meeting

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A one time payment of $2,995 gets you full access to the next available Bootcamp & Pre-camp training materials.


One Time Payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While we encourage live participation in our meetings, we understand that everyone has commitments. That’s why we record each session and make it available for viewing within 24 hours.

Once you successfully complete the training, you will gain access to a funded trading account with an initial balance of $50,000. This account is generously provided by Peak Capital Trading, and any profits you earn are entirely yours to keep. Importantly, the program sets a maximum loss limit of $3,000, equivalent to your Bootcamp mentorship investment. You won’t incur any additional financial losses beyond this initial amount.

The only discount we offer is for returning traders who have completed Bootcamp. If you are a returning trader, please reach out to [email protected] with the date you attended, and you will receive a discount code.

Peak Capital Trading will provide you with two demo PCT DAS Trader Pro accounts for the final nine weeks of the program. One demo account is for you to showcase your trading abilities, while the other allows you to test your settings and configurations.

While we’re always on the lookout for talented traders to join Peak Capital Trading, we don’t have a formal pathway for traders to become part of our firm through Bootcamp. However, if your performance during Bootcamp aligns with our firm’s needs, we may reach out to you individually to discuss potential opportunities.

Peak Capital Trading

Peak Capital Trading was formed in 2020 as a proprietary trading firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by veteran traders and Wall Street executives, our mission is to work with a diverse pool of Canadian and international traders in order to establish the leading firm for trading US stock market equities.

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